Bakery-Style Cutout Cookies

I must confess: I originally planned to share this recipe for the best cutout cookies two months ago, just prior to Christmas, which is undoubtedly hailed as the cutout cookie holiday. But then I interviewed for and was offered my dream job, so between that and the holidays, life rushed past me, and here weContinue reading “Bakery-Style Cutout Cookies”

Sugar Cookies

There are a number of reasons sugar cookies are a staple on Christmas cookie platters everywhere: They are delicious, easy to make and you can customize them with colored sanding sugar to make them visually appealing and match any color scheme. Children and adults alike love them, making them a surefire hit for all. TheseContinue reading “Sugar Cookies”

Rosemary Pear Thumbprint Cookies

If you’re searching for a more sophisticated Christmas cookie, these Rosemary Pear Thumbprints are exactly what you need. This buttery cookie has an earthy taste, thanks to the freshly chopped fresh rosemary that goes into the batter, and slightly sweet from the pear preserves and light dusting of powdered sugar on top. While it mayContinue reading “Rosemary Pear Thumbprint Cookies”

White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

While I was making a list of my most requested Christmas cookies to share on Sweet On Smith, these soft White Chocolate Cranberry ones come in a close second. So close, that they might be in a tie with the Chocolate Crinkles. Sally’s Baking Addiction is the mastermind behind this delicious recipe. Not only doesContinue reading “White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies”

Chocolate Crinkle Cookies

There is a popular joke about how every food blog has to start with a lengthy backstory about how that very recipe conjures fond childhood memories. I think that is a good thing – when your food invokes such a strong, happy memory, it is is something you’re bound to return to frequently. This isContinue reading “Chocolate Crinkle Cookies”

Snickerdoodle Sweets

During a recent conversation with a friend about all of the various desserts we crave each fall, I was taken aback when she said “Snickerdoodles.” Not because they aren’t delicious – they are! But they should not be reserved only for October-December baking. Repeat after me: Snickerdoodles are delicious and appropriate every day of theContinue reading “Snickerdoodle Sweets”

Chocolate Chip Cookie Appreciation

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day was celebrated earlier this week, and I had a hard time deciding which chocolate chip cookie recipe is my favorite. After days of deliberation, it was clear I have at least F I V E go-to recipes when it comes to this American staple. These recipes are all ones I’veContinue reading “Chocolate Chip Cookie Appreciation”

Strawberry-Cornmeal Ice Cream Sandwiches with Lemon Curd

Have you ever heard of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon? It is referred to as a “frequency bias,” when you notice something that seems new to you, even though it is not necessarily the case; Like when you buy a new car, and then notice all of the other cars around you that are the same make,Continue reading “Strawberry-Cornmeal Ice Cream Sandwiches with Lemon Curd”

Salty Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I think of beloved American baked goods, the first two that come to mind are apple pie and chocolate chip cookies. But only one of them was a happy accident that was created in this country, and it wasn’t the pie! According to this article by Smithsonian Magazine, apple pie originated in England, longContinue reading “Salty Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies”