White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies

While I was making a list of my most requested Christmas cookies to share on Sweet On Smith, these soft White Chocolate Cranberry ones come in a close second. So close, that they might be in a tie with the Chocolate Crinkles. Sally’s Baking Addiction is the mastermind behind this delicious recipe. Not only doesContinue reading “White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies”

Small Batch Chocolate Bread Pudding

One of the things I love about baking is creating something delicious to share among a group of friends. Good friends love to congregate over good food – it is as simple as that. A great dessert can make a night out with friends, or a date night with your significant other, all the moreContinue reading “Small Batch Chocolate Bread Pudding”

Chocolate Chip Cookie Appreciation

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day was celebrated earlier this week, and I had a hard time deciding which chocolate chip cookie recipe is my favorite. After days of deliberation, it was clear I have at least F I V E go-to recipes when it comes to this American staple. These recipes are all ones I’veContinue reading “Chocolate Chip Cookie Appreciation”

Salty Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I think of beloved American baked goods, the first two that come to mind are apple pie and chocolate chip cookies. But only one of them was a happy accident that was created in this country, and it wasn’t the pie! According to this article by Smithsonian Magazine, apple pie originated in England, longContinue reading “Salty Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies”