Bakery-Style Cutout Cookies

I must confess: I originally planned to share this recipe for the best cutout cookies two months ago, just prior to Christmas, which is undoubtedly hailed as the cutout cookie holiday. But then I interviewed for and was offered my dream job, so between that and the holidays, life rushed past me, and here we are on Valentine’s Day. I’m finally getting around to sharing my go-to recipe, that I promise you’ll want to use it from this day forward!

This recipe by It’s Always Autumn is aptly named, “The very best soft sugar cookie,” and as a bonus, it includes the easy and delicious cream cheese frosting to place on top. I appreciate she doesn’t make readers click over to a separate page for both recipes – she has them conveniently placed together! This recipe is quick and easy, so any procrastinators still have time to pull together a dazzling heart-shaped dessert today with minimal effort.

Beyond the soft, fluffy texture, a few of the main reasons I love this recipe are that the dough requires no chilling, the edges never spread while baking, and they only require 10 minutes of bake time. What you put into the oven comes out looking exactly the same, with clean cut edges. It doesn’t get any better than that!

If you’ve followed me at all during the past few years, even before this blog was born, you’ll recognize the top photo. I made these jewel-toned heart cookies for a Customer Appreciation Day at my friend’s consignment shop, and I haven’t stopped using a swirled galaxy glaze on these cookies since! You can use one to three colors in your glaze – be careful not to mix too much, or the colors will muddle together.

I lean toward using heart-shaped cookie cutters for this recipe, but it works great on all shapes. I’ve used this recipe for a travel-themed baby shower, with airplanes and clouds; state-shaped cookies; brightly colored seahorses for another coastal-themed store; monogrammed bridal shower cookies; and even Rubik’s Cube cookies (that was a long night with multiple bags of royal icing); and much more. Depending on the size of your cookie cutter, you should get at least three dozen cookies from this recipe.

Looking back on my rushed baking photography from the early days is … interesting. But these cloud cookies were so sweet! With the amount of cloudy, rainy days we’ve had lately, I should recreate this particular set.

If you aren’t convinced yet that you need to make these cookies for yourself, let me share the few, basic ingredients you’ll need: Sugar, margarine, eggs, milk, flour, salt and baking powder. While this recipe is not explicitly gluten free, I made it this past week with cup-for-cup gluten free mix and it turned out perfectly!

If you go with her soft cream cheese frosting, you’ll need butter, salt, vanilla extract, powdered sugar, milk and cream cheese. All are basic ingredients I’m sure you already have on hand, so you can quickly pull this treats together.

If you would prefer the swirled, tie-dye look of the photos above, that will require a bit more patience as they dry, but the final Instagram-worthy result is well worth it. I use the galaxy glaze recipe by Sugar Spun Run, and I love how each cookie has a unique look. Another benefit is you can alter the taste of the glaze with different extracts. In the Spring and Summer, I lean toward lemon glaze, while almond is also a favorite choice year-round. You can even make your winter holiday cookies have a mint glaze. You have so many options to fit the occasion.

I made these ENC cookies few years ago, and you didn’t have to look too hard to see where the night wore on and my hearts became a bit more rushed. Practice makes perfect, when it comes to these details!

I will warn you: With the gel colors in the galaxy glaze, you will have bright, stunning colors on your cookies… and your hands, if you don’t wear gloves while dipping them. It is best to grab the cookie firmly and dip face-down, rather than trying to pour the glaze on top. (While I don’t have a video prepared of this process for this week, I hope to have one soon.)

Which cutout shape do you plan to use first with this recipe? I would love to know what designs you went with, and if you used the cream cheese frosting or the galaxy glaze. Stay sweet! ā¤

  1. Anna!!! So happy to come across this blog! Looking forward to trying out one of your amazing treats. I hope…

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