Carrot Cake in two forms

The end of September marks another year around the sun for Mr. Sweet on Smith, and he usually requests some form of his favorite dessert: Carrot Cake.

Two years ago this meant I made him a slightly modified version of Bill’s Big Carrot Cake, which is in Dorie Greenspan’s book, “Baking From My Home to Yours.” I received it as a gift several years ago and can’t get enough of her delicious recipes and the beautiful photos that accompany them! The cake was perfect and I coated it with a lemon cream cheese frosting with shredded coconut along the edges.

We ate a LOT of this layered Carrot Cake for Mr. Sweet on Smith’s birthday a few years ago. Although it was delicious, we knew we needed to make it when expecting a crowd.

This year, he requested a smaller version so we wouldn’t feel so pressured to eat an entire layer cake by ourselves. Enter the NYT Cooking’s Carrot Cake Loaf with tangy lemon glaze.

I did make one error when creating this perfect-for-two Carrot Cake; I added too much lemon juice to my glaze, which meant it was not as thick and stable as the recipe calls for. Honestly, because of this, I waited a week before deciding to move forward and share my video of the recipe. Although the glaze didn’t set as planned, it was still delicious!

The Carrot Cake Loaf does not call for dried fruits or shredded coconut, however, you can easily incorporate them if you prefer your cakes include these items.

Additionally, if you would like to have your cake lean toward more of a Spice Cake taste, you could add a pinch more of cinnamon and cardamom – I also added a dash of nutmeg and cloves to this.

If you try out either of these recipes, let me know what you think!

Published by SweetOnSmith

Hi, I'm Anna! A few things to know about me: I'm a big fan of reading, writing, baking and eating desserts. Sweet On Smith started out in 2017 as a way to bake for others, while raising money to help various hurricane relief efforts, and area nonprofits. While that aspect is currently on pause, I wanted a space to share my good reads and sweet treat recommendations with you.

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