Apple Cider Donuts

We have had our first taste of what I refer to as “fake fall” here in Eastern North Carolina in the past 24 hours, which led me to turn off the air conditioning, open the windows, and bake some apple cider donut holes.

I know our warm temperatures will return soon, but for today, I can pretend I’m living back in the mountains of Pennsylvania and can envision the colorful leaves. September and October are the months when I miss PA life for the cooler temperatures and lack of hurricane threats.

I swear the donut hole placement on the bottom wasn’t intentional – it was originally included in the pile, but then rolled off and landed there. Sweet On Smith photo.

After a month of filming and editing dozens of restaurant-centric commercials for work, and not having any time for baking, I’m finally back to filming my own dessert videos in my kitchen, and these apple cider donut holes couldn’t be more perfect.

You use a mini muffin pan to create the donut holes and they take less than 15 minutes in the oven. This recipe can also be made in a standard donut form, using the pans I highlighted with the lemon-blueberry recipe. With the donut holes, it seems easier for me to rationalize how many I eat, compared to a standard donut. Plus, they are best enjoyed the same day they are made, so we really are forced to eat them soon after they are rolled in the cinnamon-sugar mix…right?

This morning I used a recipe by the lovely Danielle behind Live Well Bake Often. Making these donut holes couldn’t be easier, and the hardest part is waiting for the apple cider to reduce on the stove top. This is an important step to ensure you get the best apple cider flavor – don’t skip it! This is a fun, easy recipe that can be easily done with young children. I always like to add the tiniest hint of cloves and nutmeg in the cinnamon-sugar mixture, too, to enjoy the full fall spice flavors.

Sally’s Baking Addiction also has a similar spiced recipe I’ve used in the past that incorporates buttermilk. Both are fantastic, and can be used depending on what ingredients you have at home.

For those who prefer pumpkin treats over apple (slow down there, folks.. pumpkin time is coming soon, but let’s give apple desserts their proper time to shine!), Brooklyn Farm Girl has a great recipe for baked cinnamon-sugar pumpkin donuts. I’ve got a few cans of pumpkin waiting in my pantry and I know they will be put to good use in October once I finally feel ready to venture into that territory.

What is your favorite apple dessert to make in the fall?

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Hi, I'm Anna! A few things to know about me: I'm a big fan of reading, writing, baking and eating desserts. Sweet On Smith started out in 2017 as a way to bake for others, while raising money to help various hurricane relief efforts, and area nonprofits. While that aspect is currently on pause, I wanted a space to share my good reads and sweet treat recommendations with you.

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