Chocolate Chip Cookie Appreciation

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day was celebrated earlier this week, and I had a hard time deciding which chocolate chip cookie recipe is my favorite. After days of deliberation, it was clear I have at least F I V E go-to recipes when it comes to this American staple. These recipes are all ones I’ve done a variation of over the years, and include even white and dark chocolate chips, so there is truly something to please everyone! Don’t wait until next year for this made-up food holiday (August 4th) to try all of these cookies.

Have you ever wondered the history behind chocolate chip cookies (or is that just me)? If you’re as curious as I am, here is a great article from 2013 published by The New Yorker that explores the beginnings of this cookie staple.

If you’re ready to be introduced to delicious new cookie recipes, click on the titles or photos!

  • Orange Chocolate Chip Cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod. This delectable dessert uses dark chocolate chips, along with orange zest and a hint of sea salt. They remind me of the dark chocolate “oranges” my grandma always had at her house around Christmas. Even though they weren’t my favorite when I was younger, I never turned down the chance to eat one. This flavor combination has become a favorite in my adult years.
Three key ingredients bring this cookie to a new level that is irresistible.
  • Deep Dish Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies from Apple of My Eye. Chocolate Chip Cookies made in a muffin pan and stuffed with caramel, these are delicious year-round. Make sure you have a tall glass of milk nearby to enjoy with these! They are best when still slightly warm from the oven and the caramel is gooey.
These cookies are an easy way to really impress your friends and family!
  • White Chocolate Chip Cranberry Cookies by Sally’s Baking Addiction. Fair warning: If you make these once, you’ll spend every holiday season for the rest of time making these. They are a perfect soft bake cookie that will be a huge hit at every cookie exchange and holiday party, or whenever you want to enjoy this wonderful combination.
I know this seems like the perfect holiday cookie (because it is) but you can enjoy it year-round, like we do! This is one recipe Mr. Sweet On Smith can’t turn down.
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. Earlier this year I decided to make a variation of this recipe for a group work event, and haphazardly threw together some ingredients and hoped they tasted alright. They were delicious, and then I realized I had messed up on one front: I hadn’t written down my ingredient measurements, because I was so convinced they they would be a bust. They ended up being one of the favorite items I baked for that team, and when I got multiple requests for the recipe, I panicked. As soon as I got home, I started looking at different recipes in hope I would find something similar. I should have known that Sally’s Baking Addiction would be the closest match!
If you don’t think you’ll oatmeal cookies, don’t write them off until you’ve had them with chocolate chips. They are delicious!
  • Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sea Salt by The Girl Who Ate Everything. If this recipe sounds familiar, that’s because I highlighted it in my very first baking blog post! It really is so nice that I had to share it twice. The video below shows my quick set up process to bake this recipe, and you can find my full baking video on the Sweet On Smith Facebook page.

If you are the kind to enjoy nuts in your cookies, then Joy The Baker has another great recipe that incorporates pecans, and uses a mix of browned and softened butter.

Recipe By The Girl Who Ate Everything. Sweet on Smith Video.

Finally, if you’re craving cookies and ice cream, don’t hesitate to incorporate the two into a homemade ice cream sandwich. Step one: make a delicious chewy cookie recipe – not crunchy! Scoop some softened ice cream of your choice in between, wrap in plastic wrap and stick in the freezer to harden the ice cream. After a few hours, take out of the freezer, let sit for a few minutes and enjoy!

Which of these recipes are you planning to try first? Let me know if there is another chocolate chip cookie recipe you think I missed!

  1. Anna!!! So happy to come across this blog! Looking forward to trying out one of your amazing treats. I hope…

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