Lemon-Blueberry treats

From April through August, you can always find a steady supply of lemons and blueberries in my kitchen. I can get enough of this combination, and I know I’m not the only one. When I was doing community bake sales to benefit hurricane relief efforts and local nonprofits, this flavor combination was often requested, and sold out quickly.

That sweet, sour, fresh, fruity combination is irresistible – and almost impossible to narrow down how to use it next. As a result, I’m highlighting three lemon-blueberry desserts I enjoy making (and I won’t tell if you eat all three options for breakfast). These are great for the summer, or any time of the year when you want to take a bite and think of warm, sunny days.

Scones often feel like a fancy treat – but are not terribly difficult to make. Click the photo for a recipe I often turn to for delicious scones.

For the longest time, scones intimidated me – and I don’t know why! I let myself believe they were harder to make than they actually are. Scones are great any time of day – either fresh from the oven for an early morning on the beach with friends, as a mid-day snack during that 3 p.m. work slump, or for a late night dessert. While I often bake this lemon-blueberry scone recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction, there are so many flavors of scones to enjoy.

These fresh orange scones from Sprinkle Some Sugar are a great option for a burst of fresh citrus flavor that are also good year-round. In the fall and winter months I lean toward warmer flavors, the kind that fill my house with hearty scents as they bake. Kitchen Treaty has a great recipe for brown sugar cinnamon scones that is a crowd pleaser, and Baker by Nature has a delicious cranberry ricotta scone recipe I look forward to as November rolls around, and have shared frequently with family and friends.

The history of scones is a bit muddled, but many people associate them with tea time. Although it is believed that scones originated in Scotland, but the British pastime of tea time with scones most immediately comes to mind, as this article covers.

If you aren’t sold on scones, here are four words you’ll want to add to your meal plan for next week:

Baked. Lemon. Blueberry. Donuts.

Baked lemon-blueberry donuts are another treat enjoyed in the Sweet On Smith household and are much easier than frying in hot oil. Just look at that lemon zest in the sweetened glaze!

I’ll give you a minute to dab at that little bit of drool that just escaped your mouth… don’t be ashamed, it happens to the best of us.

Much like scones, baked donuts are super easy to make and are sure to impress. I have a slew of recipes I’ll share in the future, but starting with the lemon-blueberry variety from The Recipe Rebel only seems right.

In order to make baked donuts at home you need a donut pan or two. I have two Wilton donut baking pans with six cavities each, which you can find on Amazon, or if you’d prefer 12 mini donuts per pan, you can find them at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I am not usually a fan of specialty kitchen tools that only serve one purpose, but I bought my donut pans several years ago and have never regretted it. They are slim enough for easy storage, even in my small kitchen that lacks ample storage space. Here is a tip: If you don’t want to spring for the mini donut pan, or a donut hole maker, you can also use a mini cupcake pan to create donut holes.. even if they aren’t perfectly round, they are still delicious!

Baked donuts are a special touch for your breakfasts or snacks, and they won’t stick around long enough to grow stale. They are easy enough to whip together in the morning to make a random Thursday a bit more special, or you can make a double batch to share with all of your neighbors. The hardest part of this recipe is waiting for the glaze to set just enough to enjoy eating them without sticky fingers.

Donuts, or doughnuts, depending on your personal preference, also have a disputed history, but by the early 1900s were in America, and according to the Smithsonian Magazine, the first fried donut machine came to New York City in 1920 – just one hundred years ago! Since then, fried and baked donuts have become an American staple.

Finally, lemons and blueberries make delicious cupcakes. If you know me, you had to expect a cupcake recipe sooner than later.

I am guilty of always adding more lemon zest than what is required for a recipe – not only is it satisfying to create, but it smells delicious, and adds great flavor.

As with all baked goods, homemade and fresh ingredients are the best to use, and these cupcakes are no exception. I use another tried-and-true Baker by Nature recipe for these lemon blueberry cupcakes mainly because she also uses a lemon cream cheese frosting, which is a favorite of mine. (My husband is a huge carrot cake fan, and once I made it for him with a lemon cream cheese frosting that really elevated the entire dessert in an unexpected way.) The cream cheese frosting adds a nice zesty zing, especially when paired with the lemon, that you wouldn’t get with a buttercream or Swiss meringue frosting. When making these cupcakes, bring all of your ingredients to room temperature – trust me.

You may notice in my photo above that my blueberries are coated in flour – this is an easy trick to keep fresh fruit from sinking in your baked goods, so they don’t all puddle at the bottom while baking in the oven. Gently toss the fruit with a tablespoon or so of flour to coat the berries before adding into your batter or dough. You can use this trick in cakes, scones, donuts, muffins, cupcakes, and more.

While there are some wonderful lemon-blueberry cake recipes out there, I personally prefer cupcakes! They are already portioned out, you can decorate each one differently and it just looks neater than a cake that has been partially dissected. Long before it was trendy to do cupcakes at weddings, it was a goal of mine for these very reasons, and it wasn’t hard to bring Mr. Sweet On Smith on board with the concept when we were married in 2014.

If you made it this far, congrats! You’re now armed with a variety of lemon-blueberry dessert recipes, and I’d love to hear which one you gravitate toward most, or if there are other recipes I should try out.

Stay sweet!

  1. Anna!!! So happy to come across this blog! Looking forward to trying out one of your amazing treats. I hope…

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  1. Anna!!! So happy to come across this blog! Looking forward to trying out one of your amazing treats. I hope I can master your expertise! Thank you for being YOU♡♡♡♡♡

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