Salty Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I think of beloved American baked goods, the first two that come to mind are apple pie and chocolate chip cookies. But only one of them was a happy accident that was created in this country, and it wasn’t the pie! According to this article by Smithsonian Magazine, apple pie originated in England, long before America or these cookies existed.

Chocolate chip cookies were first created in 1930 in Massachusetts, when a baker ran out of an ingredient and quickly tried a substitution, that led to this now-classic dessert. Nearly 100 years later, there are so many variations of the delicious cookies, that include things like dark chocolate and orange zest (another favorite of mine that I will highlight one day), to these cookies with brown butter and flaky sea salt.

These cookies are great for sharing with family and friends, but if I’m being honest,

you’ll want to eat them all yourself.”

Click on the photo if your mouth is watering, and you want the recipe sooner than later.

These cookies appeal a bit more to adults for their salty-sweet combination, but children can enjoy them just as much. I’ve come across several recipes for this delicious dessert over the years, including Joy the Baker‘s that has chopped pecans, and more recently, the Ambitious Kitchen. Both of these require chilling, and for that reason, I always go for a recipe that doesn’t force me to be patient… because while that is not my strong suit, I am working on it.

I first stumbled across my go-to recipe for salty brown butter chocolate chip cookies when The Girl Who Ate Everything posted about this amazing combination she got from the Cookies and Cups Cookbook. These cookies are great for sharing with family and friends, but if I’m being honest, you’ll want to eat them all yourself. They are wonderful with either chocolate chips or chocolate chunks, as seen above, and people are always so impressed when you go for the bakery look with chocolate chips on top.

This past week we had friends in town that we get to see about once a year. With Covid-19 concerns in mind, we originally were going to miss them this summer, but on their final night in town they asked us to reconsider, and proposed a socially-distant, outdoor get together while wearing masks. With only about a half hour before we headed out the door, I whipped up this recipe, and took a still-warm plate of the cookies along with us. The look on the wife’s face when I handed that plate to her and explained the cookies had been in the oven roughly ten minutes earlier, was one of pure joy.

If you don’t have weekend plans (and in this time of coronavirus, do any of us have real plans anymore?), then you should definitely make a batch of these easy, and delicious, cookies. Whether or not you decide to share them is up to you! You’ll notice in the photo below that I wasn’t very heavy handed with the sea salt, but I highly recommend adding a bit more than you first expect to.

Click on the photo to get the link for this recipe:

Stay sweet! -Anna

  1. Anna!!! So happy to come across this blog! Looking forward to trying out one of your amazing treats. I hope…

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